Friday, February 17, 2012

The five most common mistakes in the diet

You seem to eat healthy, because they always take care of their menu. It is, however, does not see on your weight. Probably make a small mistake, but do not know what the problem. Several experts were followed by what people are ordering in restaurants and shop in stores. So it came to some conclusions about the most common eating habits.

Not distinguish good fats from bad
Experts say - most people still do not know that some fats are beneficial for the organism. You should avoid saturated fats, unsaturated but some are good for health. The latter can be found in fish, nuts, avocados and some soy products. Additional advice: concentrate on healthy foods and keep track of total calories. You do not have to worry about how much fat you eat, but what kind.

To save buying a large package
In some advertising tricks easily taken in, and this - twice pack some food costs us less than if we take two smaller ones. Yes, but - we are not even required so that we pack only the mother and increases the total caloric intake. For the same reason some people in the restaurant to order a larger portion.
Another tip: you judge the size of your palm, not the wallet. The amount of food you need is exactly the measure of how much can fit in the palm of your hand - say experts.

We think that liquid calories are not
Many people drink large amounts of carbonated and non carbonated soft drinks that contain lots of sugar. This greatly affects the total caloric intake, and that we are not aware.
Another tip: try to drink a cup of tea instead of unhealthy soft drinks. Select the type of tea that are truly healthy - that positively affect the heart, help prevent cancer, strengthen bones and teeth and protect the skin.

We are not sure when we are really hungry
If you can not with certainty to distinguish hunger from other feelings, then you will not even know when you are full and when to stop eating.
Additional tips:
Before you start to eat, relax and rate your hunger scale ranging from 1 to 7
Eat slowly, pause to have noticed how your feeling of hunger is changing.

We are dependent on the microwave oven
In the kitchen appliances food is subjected to processes of frozen quickly become suitable for eating. That it takes a lot of nutrients.
Another tip: if you already use a microwave oven, with dishes prepared by adding a salad of fresh vegetables.

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