Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coffee, dark side of sweet pleasure

Most of us likes to drink coffee, but too much caffeine during the day is not the healthiest. For the average person is helpful to drink one to three cups of coffee a day, but too much coffee during the day creates a headache in the long run.

Hot coffee in large quantities can cause many health problems.

Heart and blood vessels

The doctors agree in finding that higher amounts of caffeine can cause damage to the heart and blood vessels.

Daily drinking of large quantities of coffee unfavorable terms of circulation, and have been shown to increase the level of so-called bad cholesterol in the blood. People who have high blood pressure or frequent arrhythmias is not recommended "black drink".

In America, the long-term health monitoring was carried out after completing medical school. Monitoring and testing lasted over 25 years, and to a sample of 1130 men-doctors. Came to the conclusion that the doctors who drink four cups of coffee a day had 2.3 times greater risk of developing coronary insufficiency of doctors who did not drink coffee. The doctor who drank 5 cups of coffee a risk for the occurrence of the disease was even 2.8 times higher.

Other diseases and disorders

During pregnancy, caffeine, large quantities of matter and the pregnant woman and fetus and may have negative consequences for their later health. Also, caffeine, large quantities of menstrual problems in women increases and favors the appearance of cellulite.

Coffee to keep the concentration of small quantities and can help students and students with learning but larger amounts produce insomnia and reduced concentration. Daily drinking of large quantities of coffee leads to chronic fatigue and weakening the body's resistance to stressful situations.

Coffee is a good diuretic, but in larger quantities considered patients with diarrhea (diarrhea). In addition, there may be loss of appetite and unwanted weight loss. People who have problems with frequent urination coffee can only increase problems. Caffeine stimulates the secretion of stomach acid, but it can cause heartburn.

A little coffee comes in handy against hangover and headaches, but headaches and migraines from too much coffee just amplified.

Obesity can not be treated with coffee, because coffee (especially those with lots of sugar) that contain calories from other foods accumulate and lead to obesity.

Drinking coffee, in addition to insomnia leads to anxiety and irritability, and may be the cause of depression.

Caffeine in large amounts causes the decrease in libido and infertility in women and men.

Indirect effects of caffeine
If a person drinks a lot of coffee every day, in the body leads to degradation (destruction) of vitamin C and vitamin B-complex. These occur over time weaken the whole body and lead to a low immune system, which benefits many diseases, and even the flu.

Because the body makes the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals from food, coffee, indirectly affects the development of dental caries and osteoporosis, which suffer from teeth and bones.

The conclusion is clear: a few cups of coffee a day can be healthy and useful, but smoking and more than four cups of coffee a day we would not recommend to anyone.

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