Sunday, February 19, 2012

Breakfast is the most important meal

Breakfast is one of those meals that people today often skipped

Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. I'm sure you've heard all the time when you were a child.But it is true. Breakfast is one of those meals that people today often skipped. I really do not understand it. This may be why people are so tense morning. Feel bad for not having breakfast. Perhaps you have a fast lifestyle and you're too busy, but you have to find enough time for breakfast.

Research shows that children who regularly eat breakfast in the morning have better results at school. The same is true for adults. Breakfast is one of those daily meals that you eat.

I think you have no choice. I know that most people who do, the guy who rushed from the house with pastries in hand. That's not a good idea, especially if it is a fresh bun. I suppose for that reason, and drink coffee. They need the dose of energy to be awake. Or maybe you think that quality can be avoided if you eat one meal high in sugar.In the end, they feel more energetic after they eat a lot of sugar.

Have you ever noticed how hard you awake at work? Have you noticed how tired during the day? This is because breakfast is not real food. I do not even know how important this meal. Every day you order breakfast should be a quality meal.

Skipping breakfast is a common strategy for losing weight, but not smart. Many believe they will lose weight if you skip meals, but it simply is not true; expected energy body several times a day, starting with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is good for weight loss. In fact, in people who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight.

  Which foods are good for breakfast?

  A healthy breakfast should consist of protein and fiber. You can get protein from lean meat, eggs or soy, and fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables. A good example of a healthy breakfast is a hard-boiled eggs, oranges, whole-grain dish with a bit of low fat milk.

  You should never eat for breakfast

  Do not eat donuts and sweet rolls for the reasons mentioned above.

  Do not eat cereals full of sugar. They are nothing more than empty calories. I do not give you anything. Not only that, but you too much of these foods to gain weight. Have you ever noticed how you feel in slow motion before lunch? This is because you eat too much sugar!

  Avoid white bread and rolls. You will quickly digest them and after a few hours you will be hungry and tired.

  Do not eat much fried food. Do not eat a lot of bacon, fried eggs and toast. Additional fat will just accumulate in the body.

  Do not eat candy bars and baked goods from the bag. They are full of sugar. I do not really give you anything good. A oppress you for what you should eat.

Do not overdo the coffee. Do not think you can just drink coffee instead of eating breakfast, because coffee gives you the energy you need.

And you should eat breakfast

Eat cereals that contain sugar. Cereals with milk are a great breakfast. It is generally a good meal for any time of day.

It is good to eat eggs for breakfast. I will not explain the whole snafu on what to talk about being a bad egg. Do not fall for it. Eat them, but in moderation.

Pancakes. They may be excellent at times. Instead of jam or chocolate spread, eat pancakes with fresh fruit.

Fresh fruit juice without sugar is excellent for breakfast. It will lift you up and decaffeinated coffee in the morning. I do not have to worry that they will catch you if you drink too much trepidation.

  A well-known toast. This is an excellent dish for breakfast. Just do not overdo it with butter or other spreads.

Oatmeal. I know most of you hated oatmeal when you were kids. But they are excellent eating. With a little milk and sugar you will have a good quality breakfast, from whom you will be hungry so soon.

Fruit salad is a great choice for breakfast. I love the delicious refreshing fruit, which does not take long to prepare. Mix your favorite fruit and you have a proper meal!

If you do not like breakfast or believe that you do not feel good after breakfast, breakfast can separate into two smaller meals. Eat a morning hard-boiled egg, and an hour or two later, eat an apple or a handful of almonds or hazelnuts.

It's not that hard to eat breakfast as well as you think. Remember that tomorrow morning is the best healthy breakfast to start the day. You will notice how much better you feel in the morning and the rest of the day when you do not skip breakfast.

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