Friday, February 17, 2012

7 secret ways to poison us with food

Synthetic chemicals with which we encounter in our daily food and water and the environment, showing more and more like a disaster with its negative effects on our physical and mental health. Many books are written - and indeed they were written - from the experts in the official and alternative medicine, which documented the amount of momentum and actions that serve to deceive consumers and seriously threaten our health. Categories that you can see below deserve further investigation as soon as the main examples to which our species could face if they continue with this chemical bombardment.

First        GMO Foods-Monsanto was founded as a chemical company that has brought the world of toxins such as Agent Orange and Roundup. Now we are more familiar with their domination of genetically modified agriculture (domination of Genetically Modified agriculture), because they have almost 90% of GMO crops such as corn, soybeans and cotton. In independent studies of GMO "Frankenstein foods" is associated with organ failure (organ failure), and recent Russian studies have concluded that almost complete sterility (near-total sterility) in hamsters that were fed GMO soybeans, and to the third generation. Despite these and many other legitimate health hazards, it is almost incredible that the Department of Food and Drug Administration, which is controlled by Monsanto (Monsanto-controlled FDA) to ban cultivation of GMO foods although department for risk assessment of biotechnology has a fund available to the three million dollars ($ 3 million at its disposal). Course of research that has paid the industry indicate that the effects of GMOs on human health "negligible" ("negligible").

Second        Additions Food - When most of us think   of food additives that are harmful to our health, then we think of Mono-sodium glutamate or MSG, which is still in the rhymes process food, but unfortunately MSG is only the last of the toxins found in our food. 2008 Melamine is found in milk and some baby food products in China, the FDA noted that all (went on record) and said it was fine, although they fell ill from melamine tens of thousands of people. Dangerous food additives (Dangerous food additives) appear in almost all foods process even the simplest food colors: Red 40, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 are associated with the formation of cancer (linked to cancer). Recently 41818.18 pounds of frozen chicken were withdrawn from sale because it contained "pieces of blue plastic" while the McDonald's Chicken McNuggets have discovered that chemicals that resemble the "strange glue" ("silly putty") in it. In fact, researchers now assume that the chicken is so full of chemicals that contain only 51% meat (51% actual meat).

Third        Fluoride - Fluoride Not all types of hazardous, only those dentists who promote and added to our water and food (water and food supply). Calcium Fluoride is a natural mineral that occurs in nature itself, and its synthetic creations, sodium fluoride (silico-fluoride) is a toxic industrial by-product (hazardous waste material) is obtained during the manufacture of fertilizers. In the past, it was patented (patented use) as a rat poison and insecticide. There are many blind and semi-blind studies (studies) that show that sodium fluoride is a cumulative effect on human health and the body and lead to allergies, gastro-intestinal disorders, weakening bones, cancer and neurological problems. In this case, the EPA issued a so-called Association of Scientists. White paper (white paper), which condemns fluoridation of drinking water. Yet how is it toxic waste, it is very difficult and expensive to store safely. I may be a clue to why this chemical is more dangerous than lead and almost as toxic as arsenic, and why they put in our diet.

4th        Mercury - a dangerous heavy metal when it is in its natural liquid state, but it is as dangerous neuro-toxin, methyl mercury (methylmercury) is released into our environment, to various human activities. In its organic and inorganic form, mercury ruined nervous system - in particular has a devastating effect on the development of the nervous system in fetuses. Penetrates into every living cell in the human body, and is documented to have to increase the risk of autism (autism). This calls into question the use of mercury in dental fillings, vaccines and all things (dental fillings, vaccines, and just about anything) including in   corn fructose syrup, which is mandatory ingredient in the American diet ... including baby food. But the Association of Oil Corn natural supports (supports) this chemical with the statement that: "it is not dangerous at all on any level."

5th        Aspartame - the unquestioned king of all artificial sweeteners, permission for the launch of 1981 when he received a U.S. manager of the Department of Food and Drugs (Food and Drugs Agency) Arthur Hull Hayes overruled the FDA committee's suggestions and concerns of consumers. Aspartame is a neurotoxin, which is connected with natural organisms as well as with synthetic drugs, and creating a wide range (wide range) of proven disorders and syndromes. So who's left the manager who will overrule the scientists and the public? This person is Donald Rumsfeld, Chairman of the Board and Director of Searle's, a manufacturer of Aspartame.Donald Rumsfeld was part of Reagan's transition team, and after Reagan took place in the Oval Office on the FDA appoints new manager to "put its own people" ("call in his markers") in one of the worst cases "against earnings security "ever recorded in history. Asparteame is now almost ubiquitous in all non-sweetened products in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and even in children's products. Recently renamed as AminoSweet.
ADHD-operation in children.

7th        Air pollutants - in NASA's creations (article) titled "Air Pollutants, which know no borders," they stated that: "Any substance in the atmosphere has the potential to circulate around the planet." The air currents (jet stream) we really all together. There is a category of substances that pollute the air, which is part of the conspiracy theory and a number of unclassified documents (unclassified documents) of the U.S. Senate hearings in 1977: chemical aerosol from the air (chemtrails) from private and commercial aircraft (aircraft). The recent recognition of public officials have only confirmed the case. Wastes from these chemtrails's were tested and showed high levels of aluminum and barium (barium and aluminum). It is interesting to notice, but Monsanto has announced that they recently developed a gene resistant to aluminum (aluminum-resistant gene), which will soon introduce. Chemtrails may look like a paranoia, but there are recent examples of chemical aerosol that is incredible: a Coerxit aerosol (spraying of Corexit) dispersant over the area of ​​the Gulf of Mexico. The process air applications can be linked to crop spraying (crop-dusting), which we know is already in use for almost 100 years. The wars that are taking place abroad, seems to affect global air quality, because military munitions containing depleted uranium (depleted uranium) that has entered into the upper atmosphere, and that spreads around the planet's atmosphere. Known effects of depleted uranium (observable effects) are not at all pleasant.Substances that pollute the air are associated with allergies, genetic mutations and infertility.
This all leads to the scientific, governmental and medical management of health and human rights. Ironically (or accidentally) when someone becomes ill because of the unnatural products listed above, the official medical community wants to connect them with other unnatural chemicals. Furthermore, some people in high positions in American government, and academia, such as: John P. Holdren, the current Emperor of Science in the White House, is advocating population control through "particulate pollution" and to the ancient book in 1977 entitled Ecoscience. Holdren's views on humanity (views of humanity), they can ask about the deliberate poisoning of our environment.

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